• 1kg Bag

    The most traditional coffee package, the one kilo bag, reveals the hot pleasure of Caffè Haway and holds the coffee beans to create a hazelnut-colored blen...

  • Capsules

    Warm and involving, Caffè Haway in its decaffeinated version discovers the practical capsules to fill the cup and the senses with the most intense coffee q...

  • Tins

    A fine blend, with hazelnut color streaks, in a compact tin, exhaling intoxicatingaromas. Spicy scents of bitter cocoa, candied fruit, panettone capture the nose,...

  • Pods

    Small treasure boxes full of aromas, the pods bring all the precious ground Caffè Haway to the cup, with the sweet veins of tastes and scents typical of th...


    Chi Siamo

    In 1948 Filippo Latorre founds Torrefazione Caffè Haway on the shore of the Garda Lake. The Torrefazione produces its own coffee blend that has been refined over the course of time by Lino, Filippo’s son.


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    Coffee Tasting