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In 1948 Filippo Latorre founds Torrefazione Caffè Haway on the shore of the Garda Lake. The Torrefazione produces its own coffee blend that has been refined over the course of time by Lino, Filippo’s son.

The research carried out in the past forty years has improved both processing and roasting techniques, the quality of unroasted coffee beans and the blends selected directly at the plantations in Central and Latin America, as well as Africa and India.

With his travels and experiences, Lino Latorre constantly deepened his knowledge and gradually conveyed to his family and company a passionate “coffee culture”. In the Nineties, in Mexico, he contributed to the setting up of a cooperative of Indigenous people who started to produce coffee by themselves, to set their own prices and working rules.

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The third generation of Latorre follows the family tradition enhancing quality control all along the production process and ensuring prompt service both in Italy and abroad.

The main drivers of the company and its business are still a great passion for coffee as well as care and respect for people.


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